Welcome to Servology, colocation and connectivity specialists.

Servology is a small ISP dedicated to serving the technical needs of other small ISPs in the UK. We specialise in colocation and connectivity, but can provide many other services essential to your ISP.

We can provide:

Servology also aims to support small ISPs by providing a way of outsourcing all the technical functions which would be uneconomical to provide in-house such as backup DNS and email service. We can provide these services en-masse, bringing you savings and simplification over the "do it yourself" route, which would usually result in renting rackspace for an overspecified server with virtually no work to do.

Finally, Servology is not just about racks, wires, radios and routers, we're also here to provide help and advice! We understand that small ISPs often have limited technical expertise and experience; Servology can fill the gap by offering advice, support, and (in some cases) training to your technical staff when they need it. A Servology support contract can provide the peace of mind in knowing that, if you encounter a situation you've not seen before and are unequipped to deal with, we can help you through the problem and set you back on course.

If you think your business could benefit from our expertise and resources, please contact us for more information.